College Survival Tips – Be Organized

One key to success in college is organization. Nothing is worse realizing that you forgot to do an assignment that is due in your next class. And you can avoid these moments by being organized and on top of things! Here are three tips to help you in this mission.

Planners are Imperative
Buy one reasonably sized book that you can write everything down in – from your daily activities, homework, phone numbers, random tidbits of information, class schedual, meeting dates, lock combinations, to-do lists, etc. The reason for this is that it keeps all of the information you will need in an easy to access, handy-dandy notebook that you can add or refer to, at any time (just make sure to always keep it on you).

Try to Develop a Routine for Success
Benjamin Franklin once said “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man, healthy wealthy and wise.” Attempt waking up and dozing off around similar times every day, if possible. Also try to maintain a standard study time every day where you typically find yourself being the most productive. Dont forget to include pleasurable activities in this schedule such as excercising or bonding time with friends. Once you find a consistent schedule that works best for you, you will become better able to manage your current workload and you may even find yourself with more free time and less procrastination time. Productivity is key!

Organize your Materials and Your Work Space
Keep your class notes and course work in order, ledgible and easy to reference. One way to easily reference information is to use consistent color codes in your notebooks, folders and highlighters. This organization will pay dividends when you need to cram for an exam. Also, make sure you have a clean study area that is free from distractions such as friends, television or music. Go there when you want to get your work with done with an air of efficiency.

College Survival Tips – Getting that A

Here is an almost fool proof plan in getting A’s in your classes.

1) Go to class!

2) Do all of the assignments.

3) Take notes, and try to find someone who you can share notes with.

4) Be in tune to your professor and interact with them. Most like it when students talk to them and stop by their office for some help.

5) Take advantage of study groups and tutoring.

6) Be organized.

7) Have a positive attitude. With a negative attitude, it is possible to get that A, but it won’t be as fun!

Until next time!

Can I wear your hat?

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If you are going to let someone “wear your hat,” make sure that you are giving them a clear, sober yes. And, make sure you wear protection. You can get free condoms at the Brady Health Center.

You’re On Air with BPEN 100.1

Having a rough day? Here is a song for ya!

College Survival Tips – RAs

For those who are living in dorms, befriend your RA!

Your RA will be your link to everything and anything that you may need during your time with them. Your RA cant help you with simple things, like where to go for tutoring, to the more serious issues, like roommate issues. If your RA is not able to help you, they will be able to point you in the right direction.

If you find that you are not getting along with your RA, try others in the building until you find one that you feel comfortable with. That is totally cool.

Above all, remember that they are there to help!


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