College Survival Tips – Take a Break!

College can be overwhelming and stressful at times. Hopefully you have been using some time management and study tips to help yourself out. These will help you stay sane while at college.

But something that everyone needs from time to time is a break. Take time to hang out with friends, or go on a walk. Reward yourself for all of your hard work.

And don’t worry about doing it. If you have successfully managed your time, you will be fine.

Have fun!

College Survival Tips – Eating Healthy

Want to avoid the Freshmen 15? Well, one huge step that you can do to avoid the extra pounds is to eat healthy. below are some tips that will help you out!

Eat Regular Meals

  • Eat a small meal every 3-5 hours.
  • Eat breakfast within an hour after waking up
  • Pick up a piece of fruit or a bagel from the cafeteria at dinner for breakfast the next morning.
  • Eat breakfast on the way to class.
  • Breakfast can include any type of food such as one slice of leftover pizza, sandwich, fruit, or a cereal bar.
  • Avoid snacking throughout the day if you tend to overeat at night.

Make Healthy Meal Choices

  • Wait until you have finished your meal before deciding on dessert; skip it if you feel full
  • Include at least one serving of fruit and one serving of vegetables at lunch and dinner.
  • Choose the healthiest meal options available.  

Make Healthy Snack Choices

  • Have low-calorie snacks available.
  • Avoid eating a lot of “fat free” foods as they can be high in calories.
  • Say “no” to vending machine junk food such as candy, chips, regular soda, sweetened tea, and fruit drinks.

Drink Responsibly

  • Avoid drinking large amounts of regular soda and other sweetened beverages.
  • If you are of legal age, limit alcohol as it is high in calories
  • Alternate each alcoholic beverage with water or seltzer.
  • Dilute mixed drinks with water or seltzer.
  • Never drink on an empty stomach.

Be Prepared for Emotional Eating

  • Have lists of things you enjoy doing to replace eating when you are stressed, tired, upset, excited, or bored.
  • Control the amount of “emotional” food you eat:
  • - For the late night pizza cravings: limit yourself to 1-2 slices
  • - Ask yourself if you are really hungry before deciding to eat.

College Survival Tips – Quit Smoking

This tip is for those of you that are planning on, or already working towards quitting tobacco. This is also for those you are helping a friend or family member quit.

1) Make lists of reasons to quit smoking, and things that you enjoy.

2) Find motivation from friends and family.

3) Get moving.

4) Go cold turkey.

5) Keep your hands busy.

6) Know the urge will pass.

7) Save money.

8) Join a support group.

9) Stop and think.

10) Shift your routine.

College Survival Tips – The Faces and Myths of Hookah

Today, we are going to play a little game. We have some statements about hookah listed below. Check each out and see if you know if it is a myth or if it is true.

1) An one hour session of hookah smoking exposes the user to 100-200 times the volume of smoke inhaled from a single cigarette.


2) Smoking hookah does not cause addition

Myth – Shisha contain nicotine, just like regular tobacco. Heavy smokers can be exposed to enough nicotine to become addicted.

3) Inhaling hookah smoke does not burn the lungs, so it is not unhealthy.

Myth – The hookah smoke does not burn the lungs because it is cooled by the water it is filtered through. However, the smoke still contains carcinogens and is still extremely unhealthy.

4) Hook smoke is filtered through water, so all harmful ingredients are filtered out.

Myth – Smoking any tobacco through water does not filter out cancer-causing chemicals.

5) Even though shisha contains fruit, it is not any healthier then regular tobacco.

FACT – Just because the tobacco is soaked in molasses or honey and mixed with fruit does not mean the chemicals in tobacco will not be there. Smokers will also not receive any of the nutrients from the fruit with the tobacco.

Testing Tips

We all know how stressful those tests can be, and with finals a few weeks away, we want to help you out! Here are some types to help you survive those most dreadful finals!

Before the Test:

-          Keep up with all your work for that class; make sure you are keeping up with the readings and notes.

-          Study in advance; 10-15 minutes each day will do. Don’t wait till last minute to cram

-          Make sure that the night before you are getting plenty of sleep.

-          Have some breakfast. It really is an important meal and will start you off on a positive note.

-          Don’t study an hour before the test, instead use that time to relax yourself and do something that you enjoy.

-          Have positive statements handy (Think Operation Beautiful!)

-          Don’t talk to anyone about the test beforehand, this can actually make you worry more and that person could add to the stress that you already feel.

-          Set time limits as you go through the test like I will only take a maximum of 1 minute on a multiple choice question before I move on to the next one.

-          Go through the questions you know and the easy ones! Starting off doing the ones you know can jog your memory on the ones that you weren’t positive on.

During the Test:

-          Need something clarified? Don’t be afraid to ask the professor because more than likely someone else in the room is thinking the same thing, but may be scared to ask.

-          Can’t think of the answer? Then move to the next one and come back. You never want to be stuck on one question and miss out on others that you know.

-          Have an essay? Then go ahead and put your ideas on a scrap piece of paper, this can help jog your memory and you will be able to organize your thoughts better.

-          Keep yourself relaxed. If you need to put the test aside for a moment, then take that moment. No one will be watching you. Deep breathing is a great way to calm the nerves.

-          Don’t worry about how quick others finish more than likely, they may have missed something and rushed through it because they didn’t know the answers themselves. Take the time that you need and don’t rush because you see others are done before you. You are doing GREAT!

After the Test:

-          REWARD YOURSELF! You did a great job and you did your best. Don’t worry about what you may have missed.  

-          Reflect on the negative thoughts and try to change them into positives so the next time you take a test, you will be even more confident going into it.


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