The Freshmen are Coming!

Today, BURG welcomes it’s new freshmen leaders to campus for the first day of FYI. This evening marks the beginning of what will surely be another successful year of peer education at Frostburg!

2011-2012 FYI Class

Welcome to the BPEN blog!

Hello World!

Welcome to the BURG Peer Education Network’s BPEN blog!

So, what’s BURG? The BURG Peer Education Network is a group of peer educators at Frostburg State University. We are affiliated with the BACCHUS Network, from which we have received Outstanding National Affiliate for two years running. We host a variety of activities and programs throughout the year dealing with the health of our fellow college students.

Check back for all of the latest updates from the BURG Peer Education Network on new educational initiatives, programs, and events.

The group at Spring Retreat

Dear BPEN Blog Readers

Hello Everyone! 

Here at the BPEN (BURG Peer Education Network) Blog, we have decided to revamp and revitalize our blog for the fall semester at Frostburg State University. Over the next couple of weeks, you may not be able to access our blog as we are renovating. In the mean time, if you are interested in learning more about our programs or organization, please check out our website, 


See you in August! 


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