College Survival Tip – Making It Count

College doesn’t always have to be just earning a degree right? There is obviously a reason and a purpose for wanting to go to a university and live out experiences with others that you meet. Make college your own personal experience and follow these few tips in order to make college count.

Tip #1 – Pick Your Passion
Whether it be Art, teaching, psychology, or even wildlife and leadership, pick a major that means more than just a JOB. After paying for this college education you want an enjoyable future in whatever career you decide to pursue. College is here to set-up a successful plan and path for everyone but it only becomes worth it when YOU make the greatest choices for yourself!
Tip #2 – Learn Something New
About yourself of course! What do you plan to do at college? Of course attend classes is one thing but that is not the only thing to do at college. Would you like to join volunteer groups or Greek life or even RHA? Tons of groups are created on campus specifically for all students. The next step is simple: Join a group and be involved.

Tip #3 – Meeting Mates
Find a lot of friends that can make college that much more enjoyable. Definitely have a knit group of friends maybe from your classes or an organization. But of course never pass up any chances to create a new friendship with someone new. Like some always say, the friends you make in college stay with you long than those made in high school.

Tip #4 – Achieve Greatness
Create some goals that you know that you can make. Whether that be becoming president of your organization or just even earning your degree. Having some goal or just one huge one adds that little more reason to have some purpose at college. It’s also a great boost of confidence and determination when goals are met and even if some cannot be met, never give up.

Tip #5 – Leave a Legacy
If possible, do something so awesome at school where they remember you for many years after you graduate. Earn an award or high title that makes you special and wonderful. Make the school and your peers remember you for something positive makes your time count so much more because you made a mark on your school.

Mocktails on the Lawn Tomorrow!

Make sure you stop by the Cafe between 11:30 and 2:30 tomorrow to get your first Free mocktail of the semester! BURG will also have a ton of other giveaways!

You don’t want to miss it!

College Survival

At times, surviving college can feel like surviving the Amazon. But, don’t worry because the BURG Peer Education Network will supply you tips every Monday and Thursday to help you survive! 

These tips will include how to pass your classes, how to deal with a troublesome roommate, and how to stay healthy. 

Check back on Thursday for our first tip of the semester! 

101 Booklet

We often hear that there is nothing to do in Frostburg. Well, that is just not true. There is plenty of healthy things to do, you just have to be aware of what they are. In fact, BURG has put together 101 Things to do @ FSU. Check it out!

The Freshmen are Coming!

Today, BURG welcomes it’s new freshmen leaders to campus for the first day of FYI. This evening marks the beginning of what will surely be another successful year of peer education at Frostburg!

2011-2012 FYI Class


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