College Survival Tips

Congratulations! You survived the semester!

We hope that our tips have been helpful for you over the last semester! As the semester wraps up, we are going to be taking a break as well. This will be the last tip for the semester.

Be safe and take a much needed break!

We know that many of you will have winter classes or jobs, but don’t let that keep you from taking a much needed break. In no time, you will probably be back at FSU starting the spring semester, and you want to be refreshed and ready to start a new venture. And of course, take care of yourself! We want to see everyone back safe and sound in January!

College Survival Tips – Finals

Finals are just around the corner! This can be a very stressful time of the semester…we all now. Everything is due, tests are coming up, and you may find that you now live in the library with and drink much more coffee than normal. This is all natural, but there are ways to minimize it’s effects on you.

1. Exercise – Take a walk or go to the gym for a little while. This will help you relax a little, and be able to burn off some extra energy and help you focus when you are studying.

2. Eat healthy foods – It is easy to eat junky foods during finals, but it’s those junky foods that screw up your energy, concentration, and memory. Try fruits and vegetables.

3. Sleep, Sleep, and Sleep – You need your average night’s sleep to succeed on your test. You should not need an IV of caffeine to stay awake long enough to take your test.

4. Take study breaks – Don’t try to force yourself to sit and study for hours on end. This will not help you at all. Take short study breaks to get refreshed so you can focus better when you are studying.

5. Choose your environment wisely. Studying in your dorm, your frat house, or in the Lane center will not help you. You should study in a quiet place where you can focus.

6. Prioritize – Plan out when things are due, and work on more important things or things due sooner first. And, if you can, work ahead. This will free up time later.

7. Get help – Join a study group, ask your professors a lot of questions, go to the tutoring center. You have to take the test by yourself, but you don’t have to prepare for it all by yourself.

8. Drink a lot of water

9. Chill out! – Don’t stress yourself out so much that you cannot preform well on the test.

College Survival Tip – Stay Connected

Being away from home can either be sad for some or an escape for others. However, it is courteous to respond to parent phone calls once in a while. They do a lot to be supportive while we’re all at school. Here are some tips on how to balance contact from home while at school.


Tip #1: Count the Calls

If you have very protective and concerned parents (like me), they tend to call basically EVERY SINGLE DAY. What you could do to determine if your parents are calling too much to check on you is count their phone calls or texts. If they are calling or texting you more than 10 times a week, you could definitely let your parents know that they should not worry and let them know that you want to focus on what is happening at school. They are your parents and will understand.


Tip #2: Return the Favor

Even if your parents respond to you constantly, it is still your job to check in as well. They are entitled to and you should dedicate some time every week to sit down and catch up with mom or dad. Let them know about grades, friends, and any activities you are a part of. It is better to respond to parents first that way they don’t respond ten times instead of just once!


Tip #3: Distant Friendships

Avoid losing friendships with those back home because even though you are making tons of friends at college it is always better to have some buds to go home to. Make sure you check in with those friends occasionally or even daily if you choose so. Let them know about school and ask them tons of questions about back home or if they went to school and ask them how that is. Anything to get some conversation started because discussions with old friends mean you will ALWAYS have something to talk about.


Tip #4: Socially Sound

All of the major and popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and so many more are available at our fingertips. Use the! Instant message friends and family occasionally and find a specific time to check your personal emails rather than just school email. Take many pictures while still at school and post them to Facebook or Instagram as a good way for family to keep up with all the fun things you’ve done at school. Not to mention the fact that all these social media sites are fun and a more exciting way to keep in touch with loved ones.

College Survival Tips – Stress Relief

Welcome to college where if you aren’t stressed at least once, you are probably dead. But stress isn’t always the worst thing. Some stress can help you get motivated to work on a project or study for a test. Stress is only bad when it becomes excessive. Below are some stress management techniques.

– Get to the heart of the problem – Is it a particular class? A relationship? A job? Once you figure out the major source of your stress, you can then make the appropriate measures to work out the situation.

– Talk it through with someone – If it is a class, talk to a classmate or the professor. If it is your boyfriend or girlfriend, talk to them. Or even just talk to a friend about what is stressing you. Once you get it off your chest, you will feel much better.

– Find relaxation exercises – This could be running, to singing, to reading, to playing video games. Anything that you can do to help you de-stress will work just fine.

– Get away for a while – Take breaks from working. It will refresh you, and make you feel much better.

– Ask for help – It’s ok! Everyone needs some help every once in a while. Asking for help will make you feel so much better!

Here’s to a stress free life!