Meet the 2017-2018 BURG Leaders!

This our President, Kaelan! Class of 2018 with a Major in Psychology.
This is our Vice President, Francis! Class of 2019 with a major in Business Administration: Concentration in Marketing. His interests include Playing sports & listening to music. He loves BURG because of the people in it and it helped him grow as person.
This is our Historian, Ijeoma! Class of 2020 with a major in Biology! She enjoys reading, hanging out with friends and traveling. She loves burg because “Burg is caring & really tries to reach out/inform their community. They’re friendly & filled with great fun ideas.”
This is our Past President, Bobby! He’s a senior with a major in physics and a minor in math. He enjoys space travel and photography. He loves BURG because he enjoys watching others grow!
This is our Public Relations Chair, Jessica! Class of 2020 with a Major in Sociology with minors in Cultural Anthropology and International Studies. She loves to cosplay and watch k-pop videos in her spare time. She loves BURG because she gets the opportunity to meet and interact with different types of people.
This our Socials and Community Service Chair, Kendra! Class of 2020 with a Major in Early Childhood Education. She enjoys dancing and her favorite thing about burg is meeting new people, making connections and the experiences BURG has presented her with.
This is our Secretary, Bryanna! Class of 2020
le Andre
This is our Treasurer, Andre! Class of 2018
This is our Recruitment Chair, Talia! Class of 2020 with a Major in Elementary education. she enjoys volleyball and games. She loves BURG because “it’s a diverse community that supports and cares about the well-being of their campus and peers.”